How To Be Savage On Twitter (7 Proven Steps)

Twitter, let’s start off by first understanding what exactly it is. To the average user, Twitter is just another social app/platform where people post what is called, tweets. (Boring right 😒). What is a Twitter savage? you’ll find out soon.

But for the abnormal and not-so-average users, Twitter is a place(as I like to call it) not domesticated or under any human control. it is the one place where you’re free to run wild and untamed without any restraints.😎


Twitter is one platform where users are so confident going raw and talking unfiltered. It reminds us that we’re all born with some stench of savagery in us.

twitter savage


For those who say they don’t like being Savage. But one thing we should all understand is the fact that savagery is to be EMBRACED and not SUPPRESSED.

Due to the modern technological advancement in our today’s society, most people forget their anthropological history.


Learning to be Savage on Twitter is not so difficult as all you have to know is “Everyone on Twitter is psychologically abnormal and unstable, and normality is wrong.

Here’s a typical example; if you’re asked “how’re you?” on Twitter, even if you are fine, replying you’re “fine” is wrong. No one asks me why, it is just how it is and how it works. (It’s like asking why A comes before B)🤔

It starts with you activating your “inner Savage chakra” but remember not to lose yourself to it as it can be very addicting when fully immersed in it.

But if you’re new and looking to unleash your inner Twitter chakra, then this is the place for you.


Today we are going to be looking at 7 ways to be Savage on Twitter.

1. Do Not Give A Damn!

Learning to not give a damn is one of the most essential and vital tips anyone can give you. Just tweet and do what you want, no one cares about you.

The point here is to just tweet it as it comes to you (unfiltered) and embrace the haters.😌
S/N. people referred to as haters on Twitter are the ones we call normal in society.😅

To deal with the haters, just invite them over to your DM and feed their ego. one thing you should always keep in mind here is to never internalize or take those hate speech personally.

When getting into Twitter remember to always wear your thick skin. Because people can’t hurt you unless you allow them.


2. Listen to your Guts.

pay attention to what the Twitter flies in your guts are telling you. Yes, it might not logically make any sense but that is the point of Twitter.


3. Be ironically Wierd.

Go on to Twitter, scroll the feed, tweet something random, curse, and just get weird. Say something not so nice to someone who absolutely does not know.


4. Connect with other Twitter Savages.

Life is possible through connections, so find and make allies with dark-hearted Twitter fellows like you. Spend time with people who think as you do.


5. Learn from those before you.

Pay close attention to how other savages react, think, or comment. You could do this by going to the comments section and observing how these guys annihilate one another without remorse.


6. Be Spontaneous.

There’s a quote that goes “unplanned moments are the best ones.” Savage Tweets that usually go viral most times are the random unplanned ones because no one expects them.

twitter savagery

You should learn to love and appreciate these random moments of hardcore action, humor, sarcasm, and wildness. Just let it flow through you.


7. There’s never an extreme.

On Twitter, there’s no such thing as going too far. So if you’re going to be Savage at a moment, I’ll advice you to do so to the fullest without holding back. On Twitter, it is always the right amount.

With these few points listed above, I hope you become the best Twitter Savage manga you can be.

There you have it, 7 ways to become a Savage Twitter user and move up the Savage ladder. Now note, that the above steps are not to be used as a tool to insult or be a pest to others.

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