How To Clean Your Teeth And Gums

Your teeth are an important part of the body that must be paid serious attention to. It is important to clean your teeth frequently and always in order to keep them healthy and good. Now the question is, do you really know how to clean your teeth?

how to clean your teeth

Having healthy teeth makes it easy to eat well and enjoy different delicacies available to you. It also means that you will enjoy better confidence because healthy teeth mean a healthy smile.


Knowing how important the teeth can be, it is necessary to know how well and how best to clean your teeth, keep them healthy and prevent unwanted damage.


The teeth are protected by a tough outside layer called the Enamel. Germs accumulate on your teeth daily. There is also a Plaque-forming bacteria that create acids that can erode enamel and result in tooth cavities. This is why it is very important to brush and floss your teeth to prevent decay.



It is said that when a person grows older, the whitish pigmentation of their teeth begins to turn yellow. The teeth become more vulnerable to acids from food and drink and from chewing. When combined with a long-lasting food stain, some teeth take on a grayish hue instead of the yellow color that occurs on most of them as they age and lose enamel.


However, the causes of yellow pigmentation in others may be due to genetic make-up. The chances of getting yellow teeth are high if any of your parents have them.


Other causes of yellow teeth include smoking, stains from food as well as drinks that can cause your teeth to turn yellow.




  • Apply Mouthwash

When used effectively, mouthwash helps to kill a significant amount of bacteria that can cause gum disease or gingivitis. Although this is typically a beneficial thing, mouthwash ingredients can potentially be harmful if used excessively and extremely toxic if ingested. Fluoride, which is present in some mouthwash varieties, can also aid in cavity prevention. In general, mouthwashes work better when used in conjunction with other instruments rather than by themselves as a solution.


  • Use Toothbrushes

Brushing your teeth at least twice daily is the most effective way of keeping your teeth clean and free from germs. The best way to eliminate plaque, remove debris, and kill dangerous bacteria all at once is to brush with an authorized toothpaste.

white teeth

Brushing every day is essential to keep your teeth clean. In fact, brushing is the most important oral hygiene technique that can be used to keep your teeth clean.


  • Floss

Dental floss is very important when it comes to cleaning those spaces between your teeth that can trap food particles or build-up up debris. This debris creates plaque, which damages tooth enamel and causes tooth decay. One of the most straightforward and efficient ways to remove this debris is by using floss. Floss fits easily between your teeth and, when used properly, leaves little behind, in contrast to toothpicks, which can be painful and bulky.


If you are looking for the best practices on how to clean your teeth, it is quite advisable to use one or more of these methods to achieve maximum results. Although, it is equally important that you become consistent with any of these cleaning methods to achieve healthier and cleaner teeth.

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