How To Delete Old WhatsApp Messages Easily

Ever been in one of those situations where you accidentally send a message to the wrong person or send a message meant for someone else on WhatsApp?

Well if your answer is yes you’ll also know that WhatsApp lets users delete a message for everyone within an hour. After an hour you won’t be able to do that for everyone anymore except yourself.

How to delete WhatsApp messages


Now what if I tell you there’s a trick to help you delete old WhatsApp messages and you don’t even need to install any third party app.


Below are the steps you can use to delete old WhatsApp message regardless of how old it is.


1. First you’re going to have to turn off mobile data.

2. Next up you head to your phone’s settings and click on app settings.


3. From the apps manager locate WhatsApp and click on force stop to forcefully stop the app.


4. Once you’ve killed the app’s process by force stop, open the message or messages you wish to delete for everyone and take note of their date.

How to delete old WhatsApp messages


5. Now head back to your phone’s settings and set the date to the same date as the date the message was sent. While at that, also set the time 10 minutes ahead of the time the message was sent.

That way the message is now a recent message that just been sent some minutes ago.😏


6. Now head back to WhatsApp and the “delete for everyone” option would be available.


After the message have been deleted you can now go back and reset your phone’s date and time.

In this way, you will be able to delete the old message. But for this, your WhatsApp should be up-to-date (you should have the latest version of WhatsApp).

And that my friends, is how you delete an old WhatsApp message for everyone without having to install any third party apps. (S/N. your WhatsApp would have to be up to date for this trick to work).


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