How To Drive A Car (For Complete Beginners)

Cars help you to move from one place to another in a short while. They are a very important means of movement and transportation. If you are looking to get a car soon, it is important that you know how to drive a car.

Knowing how to drive a car isn’t hard or difficult. The processes are quite simple, but you would have to be patient enough to learn them since your progress will depend on what you’ve learned.




Before you think of hitting the road, here are some major steps you can take that will help you get comfortable in your driving experience.


  • Move the driver’s seat and mirrors to the desired position. You would want a comfortable and better viewing angle.
  • Wear your seat belt and activate your emergency brake. We don’t want you to get yourself in any danger.
  • Familiarize yourself with the gear pattern available in the car. This memory always comes in handy while driving.



There are two kinds of cars that are available for you to drive. You have manual and automatic. The steps to take when driving either of them varies slightly and the processes are not always the same.




  • Turn The Key In Neutral

Start the car by pressing the clutch pedal while it is in neutral and turning the ignition key to start the engine. Older automobile models might not need you to engage the clutch while starting the engine, but most contemporary cars are designed so that doing so is required.

learning how to drive


  • Put The Car In First Gear

You must fully depress the clutch with your left foot while the car engine is operating and then push the gear lever into the first gear. At this stage, you must only use your left foot to operate the clutch and your right foot to modulate the accelerator and brake pedals.


  • Get The Vehicle Moving

You must release the parking brake while maintaining pressure on the clutch pedal to start an automobile. At this moment, they must not accelerate.

You can now begin releasing the clutch pedal as soon as you see a decrease in rpm and the clutch plates making contact. This point is sometimes referred to as the “bite point.”

When learning how to drive a car, you should be aware that at this point, releasing the clutch more will cause the car to go forward slowly even if the accelerator is down.


  • Switch to a higher gear

Release the accelerator and depress the clutch after the car has started to move. The gear lever should then be changed to second gear by following the shift pattern. After shifting up, let off the clutch and start slowly adjusting the throttle to keep moving.

If you are learning how to drive a manual car, you need to be aware that the process of clutch engagement and release, throttle input modulation, etc. must all be done quickly and one after the other.


Bringing Your Car To A Stop

When you’ve reached your desired destination and you would like to bring your car to a stop, you will have to remove your foot from the accelerator and moderately press down on the braking system to steadily shift down to first gear so as to bring it to stop fully. When the car is driving at a crawling pace, put the gearbox in neutral and let it move freely without using the throttle.

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