If you’re a couple and have been looking for ways to get pregnant but to no avail, this post will help you with what to do in order to get pregnant as soon as possible.


Pregnancy is a much-desired state for many women. To be able to bring life into the world is no little feat and as such need to be done in the safest way possible.


Most medical experts say that the essential way for a woman to get pregnant is by knowing and understanding her own body, especially her menstrual cycle. It is more possible for a woman to get pregnant if she can tell how her monthly cycle usually is, so that she may figure out the best time to have sexual intercourse in order to get pregnant.




  • Frequency Of Menstrual Cycle

Any woman that wants to have a baby should be able to observe her period and determine if they occur on exactly the same number of days every month which is quite regular and normal.


Other times, the frequency of the menstrual cycle may become irregular and vary accordingly from one month to another. When this information is adequately noted down and tracked on a calendar, there is a better chance of knowing when she might become fertile and active for pregnancy to occur.


  • Ovulation Cycle

Ovulation often occurs in women with regular cycles about two weeks before the start of their periods. Ovulation typically happens 12 to 16 days before the start of a woman’s next period, though it can be more difficult to predict in those with irregular cycles.



There are home ovulation kits that can help a woman to figure out if and when she is currently ovulating. The kits, which are available at drug shops, check urine for luteinizing hormone, a chemical whose levels rise each month during ovulation and trigger the release of an egg from the ovaries.


The optimal time for couples to have intercourse to enhance their chances of getting pregnant is within the first three days following receiving a positive test result.


  • Stay Healthy

A woman’s weight can greatly affect her ability to conceive and get pregnant if it is not properly taken note of. Being greatly overweight or underweight can greatly affect the odds of getting pregnant.


Research says that a woman whose body mass is overweight actually takes twice as long to get pregnant as compared to the normal body weight of any woman. According to it, it might take an underweight woman four times longer to get pregnant.


Possession of a large amount of body fat in women produces a lot of estrogens that can disrupt the process of ovulation.


Male obesity, which can also cause endocrine system disruption and changes in sperm viability and concentration can also be a major inhibiting cause for a couple to get pregnant.


Underweight women with a BMI under 18 may not have regular periods or they may stop ovulating, which makes it more difficult for them to get pregnant.


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