Have you been asked to address a crowd or an audience before and didn’t know how to start or how to go about it? If this is you, then the feeling is mutual.

Giving a speech has never come easy to anybody. It looks easy when someone else is the center of attraction, giving the speech, but what happens when you are called to give a speech and don’t know how to? That is why you should know how to give a speech and this article will help you to give good speeches whenever you’re called on.


If you are planning to address a group the audience about a particular topic or subject of interest, it’s best you take these speech-giving skills seriously as they will aid you to give a good speech.




Everyone has something to say on any subject matter that is being discussed. Good speeches help us make decisions, cause change and forge alliances for progress. It would be quite difficult for someone without communication skills to advance in their career or in life. One of the most significant and terrifying kinds of communication is speech presentation or public speaking.




  • Tell Good Stories

I believe you can never go wrong with stories when giving a speech. Stories paint your words into pictures when giving a speech and can be used to communicate effectively to your set audience.

Telling good stories actively engages the imaginative part of your audience and can help you to keep their attention for quite some time.


  • Use A Right Body Posture

While giving your speech, always consider that your audience is responsive to the way you compose yourself and your body posture. Seek to always maintain the right body posture when giving your speech. You can practice different kinds of body postures beforehand and know the one that best fits you.

Your body posture can be a compelling force to your audience, telling them to listen up to what you have to say. Try as much as possible to avoid a slouching position or an awkward-looking position altogether.


  • Engage Eye To Eye Contact

While giving your speech, it can be so overwhelming to see so many people looking at you, waiting for what you have to say! You can calm your nervousness by maintaining eye contact with your audience as you talk. Let them see and know that you are confident in what you’re saying.


People are more likely to feel personally connected and acquire your trust if you make an effort to make eye contact with them while you’re speaking. Making eye contact shows confidence and authority, two qualities necessary for effectively making your point.


In conclusion, we all need to know how to give speeches. We need speeches to propel our audience to action. We need speeches to build trust with the ones that hear us. That kind of trust only comes by delivering good speeches.

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