How To Go Clubbing (Tips to Follow When Clubbing)

It’s the weekend and you want to find the best way to enjoy yourself. You have already made plans with your friends as to how you all will enjoy yourselves at the club but are not sure how exactly to prepare to go clubbing.


Well, here are some guidelines that will help you to know what to do and how to prepare yourself when going clubbing.

6 Tips to Follow When Clubbing

  • Plan Ahead

You need to have a good plan when going clubbing. With a good plan laid ahead, you can be sure that your clubbing experience would make so much sense. You should decide on the exact club you want to go to, the people you would like to go with, know their hours of operation, cover price and dress code.

You wouldn’t want to reach the club and discover that something vital is missing from your plan.

  • Be Properly Dressed

When going clubbing, always make sure you are properly dressed for the occasion. As a lady, you would want to avoid extremely high heels as this can cause you discomfort later on when clubbing.

Also, don’t wear clothes that are extremely uncomfortable to stay in for long. You would need all the freedom you can get while you’re partying or on the dance floor!

The dress code is usually specified on a page on the club’s website. Males and females should typically follow the prohibition on wearing slippers as the first guideline. Wearing a dress and wearing wedges or low heels—rather than flats—is your best option. A pair that will let you survive the longest is even better.

  • Join The Guest List

A guest list is a unique campaign that clubs frequently run, and people who sign up for it frequently receive perks. These benefits can include free admittance (which is generally the case, especially if you’re a girl), discounts, or even free drinks. Although it does not guarantee admittance, it is typically different from public admission and can already provide you with skip-the-line rights.


A quick Google or social media search can direct you to a club’s guest list if you’re trying to figure out how to get on it. For information, you may also merely call the club or the front desk of your hotel. When you finally sign up for one, please pay attention to its conditions and requirements.

  • Relax

Certainly, there might be some dodgy characters at that club seeking to take advantage of you when clubbing, but as long as you’re alert, you can always take control of the situation. So, you don’t need to worry much. The club is meant to relax and have fun.

However, you don’t need to set yourself up for disappointment. Your experience clubbing might not be all you have planned and thought out. Sometimes, the atmosphere becomes hot and the music becomes dull. You just have to reduce your high expectations and have fun regardless of the situation you find yourself in.

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