How To Have A Relaxing Bath (4 steps)

Have you ever wondered, how do I have the most relaxing bath ever? It might seem like an easy question but trust me, there’s a lot that goes into perfecting a bath.

From avoiding skin flushes, to getting the perfect temperature, or how long you should last in the bat. All this factors and others have to be considered to get that relaxing bath.

Today we’re going to be talking about ways and steps you can take to achieve a relaxing bath.

How to get a relaxing bath.


Preparing for the bath.

1. Timing is everything.

Set a time when you’re very sure you won’t be interrupted, disturbed or have any schedule you have to meet up with.


2. Create a spa-like atmosphere.

You always want your bath area to be clutter free and very exquisite, and take out any objects like children’s toy.

How to have a relaxing bath

Now what you’ll want to do is take some few scented candles and some non-scented ones also, and place them strategically around the bathroom. Go on to dim or switch off the lights.

You’re almost there, now get some warm towel or a bath cushion and place it at the edge of the bath to support your head and neck. finally put on some relaxing music and off you go on to cloud9 ☁️


3. Shower before going in.

Your bath would be more soothing if first take a clean shower before getting in. Yes I know your hair won’t feel as clean as if you washed it in a bath, but bundle it up into a knot before you go in the bath.



4. Bath time.

After all that preparation, what left to do is for you to step into your filled tub and go “ahhhh” as your body sinks down into the water.

How much time you spend in the bath tub is your business, but the average time for relaxation is 15 to 20 minutes.

It advised you don’t wash your face in the bath especially if you’ve added supplements like oil and Epsom salts, to avoid an unclear skin. Remember, the point here is to chill and not wash up.

Another friendly advise from us is to take advantage of the calm water as a meditation spot to really connect with your inner spirit.

There you have, steps on how to have a relaxing bath at home.


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