How To Have Twins Naturally

So you really want to have a set of twins naturally? well, truth be told, babies are just like a big basket of joy you can’t seem to ever get enough of, and a set of twins simply means double the fun and joy. For couples who have always wanted to have twins naturally, we’re going to be showing you some things you can do to increase your chances of achieving that.

If you’re also very curious about how to actually increase your chances of having a twin without the usual fertility meds, then stick around as we find out the ways by reading this article on how to have twins naturally.


  • Be conscious of your fertility cycles.

This one is pretty obvious as the first thing to do in the process of having twins is to be aware of the perfect time for sex. This one doesn’t just apply to have twins as it is also very necessary for having babies.


  • Consume a good percentage of folic acid every day.

Folic acid has been proven to increase the chances of having a set of twins by a massive 50%. It is advised to begin consuming folic acid supplements at least a month before conception. but as always, please contact your doctor before carrying out any of these processes.

folic acid food


  • Eat lots of roots and vegetable

Let’s talk about a little fact here; Do you know that in a particular region in Africa, where cassava grows in abundance and is the local diet, the women there has the highest rate of twins birth in the world. it has even been proven by researchers to be a booster for ovulation.

Why do you think the rate at which women get pregnant in the southwestern Nigeria region is so high? because It is where wild yams grow in large amounts.


  • Drink milk and eat meat.

milk and egg

According to Dr. Gary Steinman who is one of the leading scientists in the twins pregnancy section, women who consume a lot of milk are more likely to have a twin. According to their research, they say the properties in the milk enhance the ovaries to produce several eggs at once.


  • Add some weight.

Yap, you read that right, women who are overweight are more likely to I’ve birth to twins. don’t get it twisted, gain some reasonable weight but don’t overdo it as your pregnancy state is very fragile.


  • Keep breastfeeding.

If you’re a woman looking to bear twins and you still breastfeed the last baby or any baby at all, then according to research you have a higher chance of giving birth to twins. This is due to the fact that breastfeeding women are still fertile.


So there you have it, factors you should consider if you’re hoping or looking to have a set of twins. But please do consult your nearest doctor for advice before going on with any of the above-listed steps. Also, you’ll need to be in good nutritional health because you’ll be conceiving and feeding two babies.

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