How To Hypnotize Someone Or Yourself Using Words

Do you know we get hypnotized every day?

Have you ever noticed that when you’re reading a book you find very interesting and engaging, it seems like time begins to fly? Like you’re so immersed that you pay attention to every word.

At that point there’s this warm cozy feeling you get in your stomach, it is a feeling of excitement and pleasure. It is also at that point you realize your entire surrounding has disappeared.

How to hypnotize someone

Now when you learn how to hypnotize people, you’ll be able to imitate those wonderful feelings whenever and on whoever you want.

Fun fact: Do you know everyone gets hypnotized many times a day? but it is usually unintentional.

This might sound a bit ironic but do you know hypnosis is a state of mind where you’re at your highest cautiousness, very alert, and super responsive.

Hypnosis has absolutely nothing to do with sleeping and can be initiated anytime.

For hypnosis to take place, a few things must happen.

1. The target must have super focused attention.

2. The target would listen to your suggestions.

Ya don’t go getting all hippy-dippy because hypnosis isn’t just another way to control people. It is quite impossible to make people do things against their will.

So what exactly is it you can do with hypnosis? what hypnosis does is give someone a suggestion that they have or could have not thought of on their own. if you’re very good at it, you can even be hypnotized in such a way that they’ll think they’ve thought of your suggestions before.

How Exactly Do You Hypnotize a Person?

Ok analogy time, imagine you’re reading a book or having a very interesting conversation and you begin having this connection with whosoever it is you’re talking to. At that point, you’ll notice yourself losing connection with your surrounding as you become more immersed in your reading. This is because you know you’re about to learn something new.

At that point, you begin to pay attention to every word and letter as your excitement and anticipation grow with every word you read.

The simplest form of hypnosis happens when your target wants something such as attention or knowledge about something, and someone who’s an authoritative figure breaks it down for you with good suggestions.

  • Feed the target senses with colorful descriptions.

The rule is simple, the more senses you’re able to engage in a conversation, the higher your chances of hypnotizing.

A type of people who are good at engaging their target senses using colorful descriptions is novel writers.

Put an idea in your target’s mind so they’ll accept it as theirs.

Take Your Subject on an Imaginative Journey!

I am calling you to imagine for a minute a place in your subconscious where you’re open to “super-suggestible” ideas. that a place where anything is possible. Feed their imagination with pictures suggesting what you want in the process, and that is all you need.

When we say a super-suggestible place above, we mean your mind. All you have to do is find a way to access it and let it run wild.

So the question is this, how do you take someone from here and now to a place you want?

Well, what if I told you we just did it now!! yes, the last couple of paragraphs were meant to do that. The aim here is to simply redirect the person’s thinking branch. You start slowly from where they already are and then gently shift their consciousness to where want.

Sorry to break it to you but there isn’t a “super-suggestible” place in our minds, rather it is the idea we plant in there from the outside. (just like I did with the super-suggestible place😅)

Another point I’ll like to bring to your notice is the choice of words here. I didn’t impose or force the idea on you of there being a super-suggestible place. I didn’t say something like “there’s a super-suggestible place in your mind.”

if I had done that, it’ll be difficult to break into your mind because I’ll be hit with resistance. But instead, notice how I used words like “I am calling you to imagine for a minute a place in your subconscious where you’re open to *super-suggestible* ideas.” I guess that way I got you to paint and imagine a place like that.

  • Never tell someone you hypnotized them after it has been done.

It is a common mistake we all make, bragging about what we’ve just done or are doing. it’s kinda one of the silliest things to do. Learn to swallow your pride.

Most people think hypnosis is all about being a control freak and all that. but it is not, it is just a subtle way of influencing people. And to successfully hypnotized someone, you need their utmost attention.

So there you have it, steps on how to hypnotize someone using your words. of course this is just the tip of the iceberg as there are lots of tools you can use to hypnotize a person without them knowing.

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