How To Kiss (7 Steps Guide)

Most people usually think they’ve got their groove on when it comes to knowing how to kiss and some other think they’re still new to the act, but I’m here to tell you that there are moves you haven’t tried yet.


Now we’ve all heard of this “good kisser” and “bad kisser” myth, but I’ll like to debunk that myth as there are no bad or good kissers. Rather there are good as bad kisses and I can assure you we’ve all had one of those.


The point is, we’ve all had our bad kiss moments and it not something to sweat about. As a matter of fact kissing is supposed to be fun and beautiful and if you want to get really good at it then you can take a masterclass. (Seriously you guys, there is a masterclass about kissing 😗)

How to kiss

For us who don’t really have that time and resources for a masterclass, here are some tips to perfect your kissing skills;

How to kiss in 7 steps

1. Start out Slowly.

Don’t you think it’ll be very awkward if you just went on straight up kissing the other party?! Learn to let the tension build first. Next try to maintain eye contact and lean in towards the other.

Now once that done, I’ll want you to pay attention to a couple things. Have their eyes dropped down to your lips? have both your voices dropped? are they suddenly biting their lips? That good because it gives you time to observe and enjoy the process.


2. Keep Your lips soft and keep your cool.

Yes there are people whose lips are always covered with lip balm. the point here is to keep your lips apart just a bit and don’t force it.

3. Pick up speed gradually.

once you go in slowly and then observe the other party trying to grab your lips, speed up a little bit more and shift your focus between the upper and lower lips. Also while you’re at that, try giving the bottom lips a little bite or nible.(emphasis on the little above)

How to kiss


4. Move things away from the lips a little.

So we’ve been talking about the lips-to-lip kiss for a while now, but you should consider letting your lips taking a little stroll away from the other’s lips for while. There are other sweet spots which your partner might find even more interesting.


These spots include their collarbone, behind the lobes, the back of the neck, or even the neck itself.


5. Take it easy with the tongue.

We might have heard people say lots of tongue during a kiss is basically them making out. 🤷🏽‍♂️ This doesn’t mean you should not use the tongue but just try to keep it balanced.


When it comes to tongue, less is actually more and you should not be so eager to lick the inside of your partner. Just try to keep it light and playful, don’t make it look like you’re forcing it.


6. Don’t Overthink It.

I know this one is easier said than done but you’ll just have to accept it. Allow the kiss flow naturally, be in the present and don’t ponder internally about how to start the kiss, or if you should do this with your tongue and what not.


7. Don’t be shy to spread the news.

After a well and healthy kiss, don’t be scared to talk about it afterwards with your partner. Let them know what you loved about the kiss or what part you would love to improve on next time.


The art of kissing is a very interesting one and is different for everyone but with time and practice, you can perfect your smooching skills.


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