Life after school can be quite difficult, especially if you didn’t anticipate and plan for it. You’d have to accept the fact that you’re going to face the next chapter of your life. You’re transitioning from being a school student to a working class, and you will need a stable source of income.

The bills need to be taken care of, and you would need to take in more responsibility. The thought of getting to know how to land a job immediately after school flashes through your mind, and you can’t seem to get it out!


If this is you, no more need to worry, as this post seeks to guide you on the best practices on how to land a job immediately after school. It should be quite easy, knowing you’re straight off school and you now have a chance to apply your head knowledge to the practical world.


What Can Be Done To Increase My Chances Of Landing A Job Immediately After School

There are certain things you can do now to improve your chances of landing a job immediately after school. The beautiful part is that doing these things will position you better to land a job immediately after school. Some of the things you can do to increase your chances of landing a job after school includes:


  • Getting Real Experiences From Side Projects

You can choose to embark on a side project now you are still in school. There are various side jobs that school students can do when they’re not learning. You can take up an attendant work for a store owner, offer freelance services online, learn a side skill that will come in handy, and join that online contest.

Anything that you can get your hands on to keep you busy, motivated, and prepared for the real world is worth it. Who knows, you just might find good work along these lines.


  • Learn From The Experiences Of Others

Learning from individuals who have passed through similar situations comparable to your current one can be quite beneficial. Finding out about the procedures that others used, the tasks they completed, and the important connections they made may be both informative and inspiring for you. It’s critical to keep reminding yourself that you’re not the only one in this situation, and you can always draw strength from the experiences of others.


  • Get A Mentor To Guide You Along The Way

Getting involved in side projects also gives you the opportunity to meet people that can end up serving as your mentors. It might be easier to get through the uncertainty and rigors of landing your first job if you have someone that can guide you while you are out looking to land a job immediately after school.

student working

A mentor will provide you with insightful criticism based on your work. This criticism is priceless since it improves your learning process. There is no substitute for real-world experience when it comes to learning. There are certain things that can only be learned by experience, and mentors provide you the chance to do just that.


You can land a job immediately after school if you know how to go about it. The experience you will gather from these steps listed above will guide you and rightly position you for landing your dream job immediately after school.

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