How To Make A Glass Of Water Freeze Instantly

Get ready to freeze up a glass of water with just one touch. But before we begin, if you’re under 18 I’ll advise you have an adult supervise you.

Step by step how to make a glass of water freeze up instantly


1. Cool your water.

First off, you’ll need to freeze up some purified water. By purified water, I mean a 100% clean water with zero chemicals in it. Pour the water into two 500ml plastic bottles and place them in the freezer on their side.


2. Be very cautious!

After about 30 minutes put in a third bottle of distilled water. As a matter of fact you can put in as many bottles as you want, it increases the chances of it working.

How to freeze a bottle of water

Now allow the bottles of water freeze for two hours and 15 minutes, and make sure they are not shaked or disturbed during this time.


3. Remove the bottles gently.

Now after the two hours and 15 minutes time is up, gently open the freezer and get the bottles out slowly. If you followed every instruction well, you’ll notice the water would still be in it liquid state. But at that point it chilled below it freezing point.

How freezing works

Tilt the glass you’re going to use and slowly pour the water into the glass. If you’re careful, the supercooled liquid shouldn’t start to solidify.

4. Get some ice.

For this part you’ll need yourself some ice. (preferrably crushed ice) Now dip a finger in the crushed ice, and make sure there are some little crystal ice left on your finger because that going to be our magic wand.

Now time for the big unveil, dip the finger with the ice dust in a glass of the super-freezed water and watch the crowd go wild.

5. What just happened?!

Well as soon as you dip your finger with the ice dust in the glass of chilled water, it Should start to solidify instantly. Sidenote, you can also start the solidifying process by hitting the side of the bottle water on a hard surface.

That one little action is all that needed to start a magical chain reaction that’ll wow you and your friends.

In short Tap water has a freezing point of 0°C meaning that the temperature at which it freezes up. This is due to the impurities present in tap water.

The impurities help speed up the freezing process because they attach themselves to the water molecules. But a distilled water (water without impurities) will go well below it freezing point if kept undisturbed.


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