This is 2022, and you shouldn’t be playing games just for the fun of it! The entire framework of being a gamer has been revolutionized and thousands of people are now beginning to make money as a gamer.

Think about how crazy it can be playing your favorite games and being paid handsomely for them. That’s what we mean when we tell you that we can show you how to start making money as a gamer.

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One would ask, “how did making money as a gamer become a thing”? Well, the answer is not far-fetched at all! Since we are living in a technologically advanced era, there are always new ways and avenue that gives expression getting rewarded for what you love doing.

You can become a game tester for a company, stream your game sessions on platforms like Twitch, become a YouTuber on video games, and get paid for your content. Looking at it in retrospect, there are lots of ways by which you can make money as a gamer.



Like I said before, you can make a ton of money by just playing video games. You just need to know the right methods and the right channel to engage with to make your gaming experience a rewardable one.

Here are the top five (5) ways for you to know how to make real money playing video games:

  • Own A YouTube Channel

As the badass gamer that you are, nothing’s stopping you from recording your gaming experience for others to learn and enjoy while being paid hugely for it.

You can run live streams or pre-record your live gaming sessions and display them on your YouTube channel. You can go professional with it by posting gaming tips, and tutorials, making reviews of your favorite games, and other cool stuff.

With the right topics and positioning, you are on your way to earning lots of money from YouTube.


  • Go The Way Of Journalism

You can become a video game journalist reporting on the latest and recent releases by game companies. You can decide to do a review of the game, play them and give your feedback, and cover gaming events and tournaments worldwide while making your money doing so.


  • Be a Game Developer

If you’re so passionate about the gaming industry and want to contribute your quota to it, you can be a very good game developer. You get to decide what the game plan is and map out the different game concepts and strategies.

earn money gaming

You just have to know the requirements to become a certified game developer and get started on it. Game developers are paid handsomely by game companies for the games they make and develop.


  • Become A Quality Assurance Tester

Your job as a quality assurance tester is to test games that have been newly developed, get to note what works and what doesn’t work, and what is good and what is bad for gameplay.

A quality assurance tester explores every part of the game, making sure that they enjoyed it and certifying that it can be enjoyed without objections by others as well.


  • Stream on Twitch

Twitch is a platform for gamers to Livestream their gameplay on the platform and earn real cash doing so. Through advertising, subscriptions, and other revenue streams, Twitch helps its users to make money. It might be profitable to utilize your gaming passion to generate income and build a fan base on Twitch.

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