Becoming a YouTube influencer is fast becoming an interesting niche and a fast-growing one to be exact. YouTube provides you the opportunity to upload your videos on your page and also gives you an equal opportunity to make money while doing it.

Knowing how to make money from YouTube will shift your YouTube channel from where it currently is to where you can get paid huge sums of money by YouTube itself for maximizing its platform.



Making money on YouTube doesn’t is possible if you can follow the required steps and employ them in your channel.

You should also note that there are various requirements that you must meet in order to be considered eligible for the various opportunities to make money on YouTube.

Here are some tips you can employ to begin your journey of making money on YouTube.

  • YouTube Advertising

You can earn money on YouTube by allowing them to advertise their products on your channel. These advertisements can range from a various couple of minutes to a number of displayable ads.

There are various options that YouTube offers you on how they can display ads on your channel. Check them out and configure them as you wish to.


  • YouTube Channel Membership

You can make money on YouTube by joining their channel membership program. The channel membership allows subscribers to purchase emojis, and public badges and gives them access to various incentives by your channel while getting paid for purchasing any of these items.

how to earn money on youtube

However, there are various requirements that you must follow in order to be eligible for the YouTube channel membership program.


  • YouTube Shorts Fund

If you are actively into making YouTube shorts, you can take advantage of the YouTube shorts fund to make money on YouTube.

YouTube’s shorts fund is a fund that rewards various creators for their dedication to creating original shorts that are favorites to the YouTube community. This fund has been pegged at $100M and is an easy way to make money on YouTube.


  • YouTube Premium Revenue

YouTube Premium gives subscribers the opportunity to enjoy quality content on YouTube channels without having to watch ads.


They do this by paying for a premium membership to enjoy uninterrupted content from their favorite channels It also gives members the opportunity to download these videos and content for offline use. You can earn on YouTube by offering premium services on your channel.


  • YouTube Super Chat And Stickers

With YouTube’s super chat and super stickers, you can get the fans to purchase various live super chat messages that stand out and can be pinned to the top of a live chat.

They can also purchase different live super stickers to be able to see any animated sticker that pops up. You however have to be eligible to use this feature to earn money.

It is however important to note that each of these features has its requirements and policies which should be strictly adhered to. Some features are location-dependent and may not be available in your locality.

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