How To Make Your Phone Faster (5 Step Guide)

Smartphones have become an essential part of our everyday lives, and we all know as our phones get older it gets junkie with files and videos and what not, and this can make our phones really slow. So how can we make our phone faster?🤔🤔


Tips On How To Make Your Phone Faster


1. Clear Phone’s Cached Data.

Everything you do on your phone leaves some of trace so it’ll be easier and faster the next time you do that same thing.

How to make your phone faster

Now when all this little crunches of data called “cache” build up, they’re usually stored in the RAM and overtime it can get really cloggy. But clearing this cached junk can put in some added speed to your device.

To clear your system’s (smartphone) cache, go to Settings > Storage > Cache. Now tap on that cache option, you should see an option that asks if you Wish to clear cache.


2. Disable Animations

Yes animations are always beautiful to the human eye, but they require a whole lot of the phone’s resources to actually work. But then with all those glittering on the screen, it can get quite junky.

Turning off these animations can save you a lot of RAM and processing memory.

There’s a trick to disabling animations on your Android device, but if you follow our step by step guide you’ll be through and done in no time.

To turn off animations head over to Settings > About Phone > Now continually tap Build number until you see a pop-up that says Developer options have been enabled.

Now once that done, Go back to the main Settings page > Developer options > Windows animation scale > Animations off. Turn off Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale in the Developers options.


3. Remove Unused Apps.

We all have those apps on our phone which we know we don’t use but yet leave them on our phone, maybe in the freezer. Like it or not, these apps still gather caches, take up space, memory and screen pixels, and therefore makes our phone slow.

Fixing this is quite easy, just go through your device and look for all those unused apps, then uninstall them all.


4. Turn on chrome Data Saver.

Most Android devices come with chrome browser pre-installed in them and it has proven to be one of the best browsers out there. But in terms of optimization, I wouldn’t quite recommend the chrome browser.


But there’s always a walk around to everything right? To fix this all you have to do is turn on Data Saver mode In chrome, and it’ll help compress everything down about 50%. There by using up 50% lesser memory than before.

To turn on Data Saver, open your chrome browser and click the navigation bar/icon at the top right corner, next tap on settings > Data Saver, then turn it on.


5. Avoid live wallpapers.

Live wallpapers looks great no doubts, but they take up a massive load of the phone’s CPU power to run. It does not only drain the phone’s memory, it also stresses the battery.

it advised you use a simple static photo to save battery power and memory.

There you have it, 5 ways to make your smartphone work faster and more efficiently.

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