How To Open Your Third Eye (5 Proven Steps)

What exactly is this third eye people speak of? let’s just say it is that “chakra” located at the center of your forehead, sometimes referred to as the pineal gland. This third eye is said to be responsible for wisdom and intuition. It is also the gateway to the inner realms of higher consciousness which enables is see beyond the normal human eye.

opening the third eye


As a matter of fact, everyone was born with this third eye, whether you like it or not. people who already make use of this third eye are known as “seers“. But if you look up the definition of seers, you’ll notice it says “a person who is gifted with deep spiritual Powers” it all means the same thing.


Tapping into your third eye is totally possible for anyone. Although some are born naturally with the gift, it takes just patience and optimism to open up the eye.


So now the burning question, how on earth can you tap into the full power of your third eye?

Now just to be clear here, the third eye activation is not a one-day process. It takes time, patience, and positivity.

Without further-a-do let’s get started opening that spiritual third eye of yours.


1. Meditation.

You know when it comes to anything relating to our spiritual being, meditation always comes first. To start the third eye-opening process, I want you to go into a quiet dark room and chant “OMM” four times while thinking of your third eye.


Why do you think monks practice a lot of meditation and are also the ones who most times easily connect with their spiritual side.


2. Yoga.

Well, some people might consider yoga similar to meditation but it is not. yoga is letting the cosmic energies flow through you to your third eye. Think of it as a way of powering up the eye.


3. Good Diet.

A good Diet means you eating healthy, fresh, and living foods. What it does is it helps increase vibration and declutter your pineal gland which is what houses the third eye.


4. Use essential oils.

Essential oils are necessary to balance out and heal the third eye. Apply them when you’re in the bathroom, focusing on the forehead region. you can also try applying little drops on your pillow to increase its effects.


5. Get a crystal.

Of course, there are a lot of crystals out there that can help draw the cosmic energies to your third eye, but it is always advised to use “Amethyst” as it has been proven to be the master of all healing stones.


To use the crystal, all you got to do is place it in the middle of your forehead just between the eyebrows and let it stimulate the eye. it can also be used while meditating or while asleep.


You can always opt-in for purple/indigo crystals because our third eye’s chakra is always that.


Signs that show your third eye is actually opening.


  •  Intense pressure in the forehead.
  •  Frequent headaches.
  •  Suddenly Becoming sensitive to light.
  •  Increased sense of inner peace.
  •  Heightened sense of inner self
  •  Cosmic energy dreams.


Is there a shortcut?

In our today’s world, it is normal to come across people who do have not so much patience and want instant results. These people might be asking, is there a quicker way of activating the third eye?

well, the answer is yes and it involves you taking some serious psychedelics which might not be the safest route to take because chances are it might have some negative side effects. 🤷🏽‍♂️


Benefits of opening the third eye.

  •  Clearer thinking.
  •  Sharp focus.
  •  Greater intuition.
  •  Better sleep.
  •  increased creativity.
  •  psychic abilities.
  •  Reduced mental stress.
  •  Increased alignment with the inner self.
  •  Maximum recovery from pain.


Now let me make some things very clear here. a person once said, with great power comes great responsibility and awakening your third eye can be sometimes dangerous and powerful at the same time.


But don’t be discouraged by that, by just following the above methods you can safely achieve a third eye awakening in no time and enjoy the great power and benefits that come with it.

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