How To Pin A TikTok Video On Your Profile

TikTok has grown to be one app most millennials get addicted to the moment they open the app. You can’t really blame them for this as they are doing something revolutionary, that capturing the imagination of the world like no other application we have seen before.

As a TikToker, you must have seen some user’s profile with those three videos pinned at first and might wonder, how do I pin some of my best videos also? Well if that’s what brought you here, then you are in the right place.


Why Should You Pin a TikTok Video?

First, you should ask yourself, why is it important to even pin a video on my profile? Well below are some of the reasons we think people pin videos on Tiktok.


  • You want it to go viral

When you pin a video to your profile, it literally the first videos users are likely to see and also the one which has the chance of getting the most engagement. One thing you don’t know is this, the more engagements your videos get, the more chances you get of your video being recommended to others by the TikTok algorithm.


If you run the math you’ll realize that higher engagement equals higher chances of getting likes and shares, which also equals going viral.


  • That is the video you want everyone to see when they visit your profile

People pin TikTok videos because they want that video to get the most view by users. It is not always because you want it to go viral, but sometimes you pin a video because you feel some sort of connection with it and feel you should share that with the TikTok family.



  • Displays your content and personality

Another logical reason why people pin TikTok videos is that it showcases who you really are to the world. The pinned videos instantly showcases your type of personality and can be a judging tool for deciding if someone follows you or not. That way we don’t have to go through your entire videos to know exactly what your persona is like.


  • Pinned videos serve as your portfolio

The last reason we think people pin videos is simply to showcase your best work. It says here is my TikTok portfolio, plus it allows you also enjoy all other reasons mentioned above.


How to pin a TikTok video to your profile

Now that you actually know why you should pin a video after posting on TikTok, let’s get down to the steps on how to go about pinning the video.

 Step 1.

Open the TikTok App.


Step 2.

Post the video you want to be pinned on your profile.


Step 3.

Go to your profile page.


Step 4.

Now scroll down to the video you want to pin and open it.


Step 5.

Now click on the 3 little dots on the right side to display external options.


Step 6.

And finally, click Pin to send your video straight to the top of your profile.




TikTok is a very amazing app and platform that can steal our attention as no app has ever done. Its simplicity to it is one of the reasons it is so entertaining and sensational, it is no doubt why it becomes the favorite app for most people after being used.




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