How To Start A Podcast For Beginners

Podcasts have become quite popular, especially with the increasing number of people listening to them. A podcast is a collection of various digital audio files that people can listen to over the internet and even download. But do you know how to start your own podcast??


It can be a collection of teachings, family talk, business insiders, and any other content aimed at passing knowledge and information to the audience. Anybody can know how to create a podcast, including you. You just need to have the right knowledge of how to begin and you’re on your way to making great podcasts yourself.



Starting a podcast doesn’t need that much equipment, to begin with. You will however need a microphone, basic or high-end, depending on your budget. The microphone is used to channel your voice into the computer for recording. However, if you are looking to get very good quality audio for your podcast, consider investing in high-quality microphones for your audio.



You might also consider getting an audio mixer, depending on the type of microphone you plan to use. Other equipment includes your headphones which enable you to monitor your sound as it’s being recorded, your computer, which does most of the bulk work of recording your podcast, and your recording software for recording and editing your podcasts.


Not to forget, you would also need to have adequate internet access since you are going to be dishing quality content to the world at large.




  • Planning

You have to plan out how you want your podcast to look. From the beginning to the end. Make a concise note of how you want your podcast to look every step of the way and stick to it.


You should have a dedicated note where you pen down what you have in mind for you to implement. Doing this will help make your work easier.


  • Get A Topic

If you’ve listened to popular podcasts, you would have heard phrases like, “today, we’re going to be discussing this or that.” A topic streamlines what that particular podcast will be focusing on.


Getting a topic for your podcast can be very easy if you have chosen a particular niche to focus on. Choosing a niche helps you to know which topic to focus on, and it gives you lots of options to choose a topic from.


  • Decide If You Need A Co-host

Your podcasts can center only on one individual, or two. This all depends on the nature and quality of your conversation. If you think you need to engage in a dialogue with another person, then you should consider getting a co-host.


Having a co-host makes your conversations flow much more naturally and can also help you to become more focused on the subject at hand.


  • Find A Name

Your podcast’s name is what gives it meaning and identity. Chose a name that reflects what your podcast is going to be all about. It should be catchy, fun to say, easy to remember as well as straight to the point.


In conclusion, starting your podcast can be very easy if you can follow the steps and guidelines outlined here. The truth is that you may not get t perfectly at first. But if you make the necessary changes, your podcast can become a center of attraction!

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