How To Study 3x Faster

Studying for an exam or a test can be quite stressful especially if you have a lot of topics to cover. You would want to cover so much in such a little amount of time and still have enough time on your hands for other things.

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However, you see your study process going in the opposite direction. Time is ticking, you’re still stuck at a particular page trying to make a major headway but none is forthcoming. At this point, your major wish is to devise a way to study 3x faster than you usually do without losing out on what you are studying.


This article will guide you on the best practices to apply that will help you to study 3x faster than you normally do. You no longer have to be confused as to how you can study faster and effectively without losing out on what you’re studying.



Studying 3x faster can be very possible if you put your mind to it. It is very fascinating to know that your brain can capture and comprehend at much faster speeds than your normal studying speed. Research conducted at John Hopkins proves that you actually learn more quickly if you practice a slightly altered version of a skill you want to perfect as opposed to repeatedly doing the same thing.



  • Visualize

There is no end to how far you can imagine with your mind. The more you understand how things function on a visual level, the easier it is to recall. This is highly useful when learning reading processes and concepts. Studying through visual imagery is very effective since your brain stores a visual description of an event better than a written one.


  • Determine Your Reading Speed

If you want to study 3x faster, you should first of all be able to determine your normal reading speed. For you to track your progress and know how fast you can actually study, grab a 200-page or fewer book.

Divide the number of words into 10 lines on any given page by 10, then multiply the result by the number of lines on that page. You should get the average number of words per page as the outcome. Most students read between 250 and 300 words per minute on average.


  • Continue To Practice

It’s crucial to understand that individuals scan lines of text rather than reading them straight through. This is done to make these pictures more accurate and understandable.


Continuous practice of this pattern will help you study 3x faster than you normally would. After taking a deep and fast screenshot, and scanning the pages you’re studying, you can now go back to truly understand what you were scanning. By this time, you should notice that you can successfully understand what you’re studying and move on to the next one.



Since you have the entire book still fresh in your mind after only 60 minutes of reading it, it is absolutely conceivable for us average people who want to study 3x faster to pick up a new study material and maintain more than 80% to 90% comprehension. However, it is a skill that must be constantly practiced and improved on to stay current.

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