How To Survive A Shark Attack (Step-by-Step guide)

We might have heard of the Fanning incident, where a world champion surfer got attacked by a shark on life television during a competition in South Africa.

Fortunately for him he lived to tell the story after giving the blood tasty creature a punch in the back.

How to survive a shark attack

Yes the incident left poor Fanning shaken but that shouldn’t stop you from embarking on that next beach surf, because the chances of you getting attacked by a shark is one in 11.5 million.

That said and done, there are a couple of things you can do to increase your chances of surviving a shark attack (even though the chances of an attack is very low)

Before you get in the water.

Now before you get into the water, here are some steps you should take and things you should take into consideration before going in;

1. Avoid Swimming in the river banks.

It recommended by professionals to avoid estuaries as this is where bull sharks, great whites, and even tiger sharks are most likely to attack a person.

2. Avoid fishing boats.

Before going in for a swim, look around to see if there are any fishing boats around. If you see any, then forget about swimming that day .

Surviving a shark attack

This is because when these fishermen are fishing and struggling with the water, they seem to be attracting sharks.

3. Avoid Swimming early in the morning and late at night.

Swimming early in the morning or late at night can be nice, but that also the time sharks are likely to patrol the waters.


4. Don’t allow blood or pee in the water.

We all know sharks have this amazing sense of smell and can smell even a drop of blood from a distant.

If a shark smells blood, it feels there’s something to eat there and so goes for pee. And for those who don’t know, when you’re sitting on your surfboard all day, you’re definitely peeing through your wetsuit.

Now with all the above said and done, if by chance (one in 10 million chance) you find yourself in the middle of a shark attack then you might want to observe one of the belows.

How to survive a shark attack.

1. Keep calm and don’t panic.

I know being circled by a shark can be one of the worst situations you could ever be in, but it best to not panic and stay calm.

Panicking and splashing water around is only going to agitate and draw all focus to you, which is not what you want right?.


2. Maintain locked eye contact.

I know this one is easier said than done but just try to maintain eye contact with the shark as it swims around you

Sharks are under the ambush predators category and if you keep that locked eye contact, they won’t be half as comfortable as at when they sneak up behind you.

3. Get big or Go small.


This one’s common predator-to-prey theory. When you notice a shark coming at you in full attack mode, try to make yourself look as big as possible in the water. In the world of animals, the bigger you are, the more respect you’ll get.


4. Playing dead doesn’t work.

If you’re under a bear attack, playing dead might save your life, but this isn’t a bear it a damn shark and you want to do all things possible to get out of that situation immediately.
We’ve all know of the punching a shark in the snort. Of course if you’re able to do that, it totally ok but you should also keep in mind that underneath that nose is a big mouth with razer sharp teeth.

Just in case you’re afraid of going for the nose, you could also give it a whack on the gills as that also sensitive.

5. Keep the shark in line of sight.

What this simply means is, in situations of a shark attack try to get in a position where the shark can’t get behind you. Lay your back on anything you could find just so you have the shark in one line of sight.


6. Back away very slowly.

If you recall, it was stated in the first point which advises not to agitate or disturb the water. i.e do not splash the water too much rather slowly swim away from the shark.

Remember to have the creature in sight while you swim backwards to shallow waters.

Now with the above points, you have a better chance than someone who hasn’t read this piece. But note that the likelihood of you escaping a shark attack without injuries is quite slim.


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