How To Swim For Beginners (5 Steps)

I know learning to swim can be scary as hell sometimes for beginners, but once you’ve gotten the heck of it, you’ll really appreciate the waters. But if you have no idea where to start learning when it comes to swimming, then you’re in the right place.

Below are steps you can implement right now as a total beginner to learn how to swim.

How To Swim For Beginners


1. Get Over Your Fear

If you ask anyone who’s scared of swimming the reason they don’t swim, the answer you’ll always get is “I’m scared I might drown.” Of course it ok to think of the rangers involved but that fear is usually the cause of most water accidents.

How to swim

Here are some general swimming tips to be mindful of as a beginner;

* Avoid Swimming Alone

It common sense to always go along with a group or someone who is actually a good swimmer and not a newbie like you. Or you could go to a pool with a lifeguard.


* Don’t Swim In Moving Water

This one goes out to people learning to swim in a river or ocean, you should be very careful and watchful for moving water or waves. But it is always advisable to start out in still water.


* Be Mindful Of The Depth

That one mistake most beginners make, they get so carried away by the thrill and chill that they go beyond their depth to deeper parts where they can’t stand up right in.

How to swim


The reason you’re always advised to stay in the shallow parts is just so you can stand to take in air during an emergency.


* Avoid Swimming During Bad Weather Conditions

Swimming during a light rain shower is ok but when it gets intense or you hear a thunderstorm coming, find a way to get out of the water immediately. Note; this rule applies to everyone regardless of if you’re a pro or beginner.


* Avoid Swimming In Very Cold Water

If you’ve ever tried swimming in chilled water then you’ll know that it can be very difficult to move or paddle your limbs, like the water suddenly gets hard.


2. Practice Floating

Now when you get into the not so deep water, hold on to the side of the pool are let both your legs float freely behind you. If you do this properly, you’ll notice that your legs lifts.

How to swim - floating

Sometimes for some reasons your legs don’t float, don’t worry it like that sometimes. All you have to do is just keep practicing until you’re able to let half your body float.



3. Keep Your Composure And Don’t Panic

It good practice to always remember you have a fallback when you begin sinking or can’t move. Also avoid breathing fast when you can’t swim, just lay back, keep calm and let the water flow underneath you then you begin to take control.


4. Practice Exhaling Underwater

Now take in a deep breath, put your head in a shallow water and try breathing out slowly through your nose until you run out of breath.(well before you run out of breath I meant to say 😅)

How to swim - exhaling

Some people find it uncomfortable exhaling through their nose, if you fall in that category then you can try exhaling through your mouth rather.


5. Put On Some Goggles

Well this one is optional, but it helps you feel more comfortable opening your eyes underwater.

Now all the above are just theory and is going to be a different experience when you start trying them out. But it worth knowing anyways. The above are just the basics to swimming and their are a lot more to know when you get through this beginner stage.

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