How To Throw An Awesome House Party

Are you one of those who get lots of text messages inviting you from one house party to another? If yes, you’ll know that all that happens at these parties are just greasy pizzas, engaging in senseless small talks with complete strangers, and sometimes even having to run away an hour into the “party” because the police shut it down.

What if I tell you there’s a better way to do things yeah!


A party is meant to be fun with lots of laughter, dancing, beer, chips, and pizza. What makes a house party different from a club party is the fact that you’re in control when it comes to a house party.

But remember, with great powers comes great responsibilities. You have to make sure everything goes well, so next time you send an invite it’ll be honored.

awesome house party

It might seem like hard work to invite total strangers together in one place and expect them to interact and be friends while drinking beer and shaking heads. But if you follow the tips and tricks listed below, I can assure you, after you throw a party you’ll be known as the party king/queen.

How to throw an awesome party


  • Make sure to invite your neighbors.

Instead of warning your neighbors that you’re going to be disturbing them by this time, tell them you would love them to join you by this time for a little fun time.

Now for those who don’t know, that is simply you telling them to please get out of the house by this time or not call the cops on you when all hell breaks loose because you’ve warned them ahead of time. Chances are they won’t even show up but they’ll definitely acknowledge the fact that you made them feel special.


  • Don’t invite everyone.

The taste of your party is all dependent on the kinda people you have on the guest list. of course, inviting your friends who love to just party hard is no problem, but you should also consider inviting some key people who are capable of putting the party to a lively tune.

awesome house party

Here’s what is meant by key players, take for example you have a friend whos a neat freak. sure you know the party is always prone to get very messy and you’ll need someone to make sure everyone uses a coaster. Do you have a friend who doesn’t drink? invite me over and they’ll handle opening the doors for arriving guests and even the cops.

All you have to do is make a list of everything that needs doing then invite friends you know who could fill up these roles.


  • Lie about the time

We all have those friends that’ll be punctual and show up at exactly the stipulated time while others would arrive after attending maybe 2 or 4 other parties. As the party host, you don’t want your guests arriving while you’re still in the shower right?

To make sure everything runs smoothly and all your guests arrive at a particular time, you can give out different start and end times to certain kinda people. if you want your party to start at 11 pm, invite your time-conscious friends and tell them it starts at 11 pm. The latecomers, you could tell them the party starts around 9 pm.


  • Lockout your roommates

Unless you’re ready to buy some new sheets for your roommates, it is advised to lock their room doors. With all that booze and smoke flying around, there’s absolutely no way you can keep an eye on everyone. The only guaranteed way of keeping your guests from turning your roommates bedroom into a ramping ground is to shut the doors.


  • Make sure the ratio of girls is higher than that of boys

I think this needs not much explaining because I don’t see the reason why you would want to have a party where there are more boys than girls. (that would just be uncool) Most people attend parties cos of the girls, so do yourself the favors and throw a lot of invites to some party girls you know.

girls dancing


  • The playlist should be on point

The rule is very simple, mad music equals mad party and slow music equals slow party. Remember when we said using your friends to run the party? well if you have a friend who’s pretty good at junking discs, then you should consider throwing him/her some few bucks to keep it tight with the playlist.

But if you don’t have a friend who’s good at the DJ table, you can always opt into some old-fashioned housed party DJ mixes online.


  • Always have an exit plan for your guests

Make it clear to your guests that it is a house party and not a sleepover party. when it hits closing time you can’t just push them all out of the house, rather you can simply get a garbage bag and begin cleaning up. Now you might want to switch up the playlist to something very slow and boring. Now sit back and watch how your house clears out slowly.


Follow the above tips on how to throw an awesome house party and you’ll be well on your way to earning the title of party host of the year. For more such tips and posts, subscribe to our newsletter to get notified by mail when it is out.



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