HOW TO TIE A TIE (3 Methods)

Almost all men have at one point or another given up on deciding to learn how to know a tie. “If that rope-like thing doesn’t want to be tied and used, it’s better I dumped it”. This sounds like what a majority of men out there are facing all in a bid to know how to tie a tie.

Ties are very an important part of men’s accessories to be fully dressed, and as such, need to be given proper attention when you want to wear them. There’s more than one way to tie a tie comfortably. You’d have to figure out which one works best.



Different ways to tie a tie require different procedures to tie it comfortably. The different ways to tie a tie include:


1.  4-In-Hand Knot

A 4-In-Hand Knot tie is very simple and is very useful for pointed, pinned, spread, or tab collars. To tie a 4-In-Hand Knot, follow these steps outlined below:


  • Wrap the wide blade over the narrow one, starting with the wide blade that is approximately 6′′ longer.
  • Before coming back in front of the narrow blade, loop the wide blade behind it.
  • Pull the broad blade up behind the knot that is forming.
  • Pull down through the knot with the broad blade.
  • Adjust.

tie a tie


Possibly the most popular necktie knot in existence is the four-in-hand knot. It’s simple to do and produces a rakish, conal, asymmetrical knot when done correctly. Four-in-hand knots are frequently described as being small, however, this isn’t always the truth.


2. Full Windsor Knot 

The Full Windsor Knot method is quite complex and is usually used for spread and cutaway collars.

Follow these steps to tie Full Windsor Knot:


  • Wrap the wide blade over the narrow one and pull it up behind where they connect, starting with the wide blade that is approximately 10′′ longer than the narrow one.
  • Pull the broad blade in front of the entire thing.
  • Put the broad blade behind the narrow and then
  • Once more, lower the wide blade behind the intersection.
  • Pass the broad blade before the narrow.
  • After the intersection, raise the wide blade.
  • Draw the broad blade into or beneath the knot.
  • Adjust

The Windsor knot is well-known to all people, at least in the name. Windsor knot enthusiasts value their richness and precise shape.


3. Half Windsor Knot

The Half Windsor Knot method to tie a tie is very complex and is usually best used for spread collars.

To be able to tie a Half Windsor Knot, follow these steps appropriately:


  • Pass the wide blade over the narrow one starting with the wide blade being about 8′′ longer than the narrow one.
  • Pull the broad blade forward by tying it around the narrow blade.
  • Bring the wide blade over in front of the small blade, then pull it down behind the knot that is still forming.
  • Retract the wide blade behind the knot that is still developing.
  • Pull the broad blade upward to form the knot there.
  • Through the slipknot, pull a wide blade.
  • Adjust


The second loop of a Windsor knot is eliminated when tying a half-Windsor. It retains its triangular shape while not being as thick as a Windsor. This is a wonderful knot for short men who need to use all of their ties’ length but don’t want a big knot covering their faces.


Nothing beats looking so fresh and polished for work or social gatherings, necktie is one piece of clothing that gives that extra in a man or woman’s wardrobe. You’re also in luck because straight ties come in different colors and patterns suitable for every occasion, season, or interview.

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