If you’re in love with dogs and puppies, you would know that training them to sit can be quite tasking, especially at a young age. They have to be given a lot of detailed attention and care, especially with a reward system.

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If you follow the process, you’ll be rewarded with a well-trained puppy that can sit at your command. Training your puppy to sit is one of the basic foundations of dog training and one of many dog tricks out there. In fact, if you can successfully train a puppy to sit, you would have done a bulk aspect of the work of keeping your puppy out of harm’s way.



For you to make your puppy sit when it is being ordered to, or when you have a very important errand to run, and your puppy has to stay behind and wait for you, or even when it is hyperactive and agile and you need it to sit down, you have to give it some basic requirements.


You will need to find:

  • A very quiet and calm place
  • Some made out time every day (20-30 minutes at most)
  • Determination and patience
  • Different dog and puppy treat for your reward system.


Once these factors are in place, you can then resume training your puppy to sit.



  • STEP 1

To grab your dog or puppy’s attention, place a goodie in your palm and move it in front of their mouth and nose. Allow them to nibble and smell till they focus their attention on you.


  • STEP 2

Say “sit” while raising the treat above the dog’s head. Move the reward steadily up and a little behind your puppy’s head once they are attentive. Attempt to land three inches or so over them.

Your puppy should start to back up before finally sitting as a result of this.


  • STEP 3

When your puppy sits, give him praise! As soon as your dog’s bottom meets the ground, exclaim, “Good sit!” and give them the treat to show them that this was the right way to behave. Your puppy will continue to hear the word “sit” and will be more likely to connect it with the behavior that just took place if you say “excellent sit.


  • STEP 4

Continue in this manner. This should be repeated between 10 and 15 times in a relaxed setting where your puppy can pay attention and pick it up. In order to keep track of how many repetitions you have completed, count out your dog training goodies in advance.


It is also important to note that puppies pick up new behaviors by associating a cue—such as a vocal command, a click from a training clicker, or a hand signal—with a treat. Before they fully get that the term “sit” matches the recognized posture, you may need to repeat this to them several times.

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