Let’s face it, snake bites are dangerous and can cause the death of someone if not attended to. This is why it is very important to have basic knowledge of how to treat a snake bite when faced with such a predicament.

treating snake bite

No one in their wildest dreams would want to be bitten by a snake, but unfortunate things happen most times and you just have to make the best of it. This post will guide you on what you need to know and do when it comes to treating snake bites.



First off, it’s basic knowledge to remain calm immediately after a snake bite. You would want to avoid a situation where your heart starts beating rapidly and aids the flow of the snake’s venom(if any).

Here are some of the basic things you must do immediately after a snake bite occurrence, while you await medical intervention:

  • Go as far away from the snake as possible.

Venomous snakes can be ruthless and may want to rebound for another strike. You’ve suffered one bite already, you wouldn’t want to risk another bite.

Create a safe distance between you and the snake in context. Make sure you’re not within its danger zone.


  • Stay Calm And Put

As earlier said, remaining calm can help to slow down the flow of the venom through your system. Don’t panic, don’t overreact, and don’t even try to think if you’re going to make it. You’ll probably reduce your chances of survival if you do so.


  • Get Rid Of Tight Ornaments And Clothing

You would do well to save yourself a lot of the discomfort that comes with swelling by getting rid of any tight ornaments or clothing. Remove any tight ornaments or clothing around the affected area that is prone to swelling.

Always remember that the goal is to treat the snake bite and not to allow it to harm you.


  • Position The Bite Area Below Heart Level

If you’re wondering why you need to position the bite area below heart level, it’s simply to slow the rate at which the venom reaches your heart.

If it’s on the same level as that of your heart, the effect of the snake bite will begin to kick in twice as fast as it normally would, and that’s no good news to hear at all.


  • Clean And Dress Up The Bite Wound

Use soap and water to make sure the bite wound is thoroughly washed and cleaned up. You can then proceed to use a clean and dry dressing or a sterile bandage on the snake bite’s wound.

green snake

While you attempt to remain calm and follow these instructions, make sure that you or somebody close to you have contacted medical emergency and they are coming to get you. In these kinds of situations, a delay is dangerous and quite fatal, even for a snake bite.


There’s only so little you can do by yourself, but proper medical examination and diagnosis will help greatly in treating your snake bite and nursing you back to health.

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