How To Win A School Debate

School debates are a way to bring students of like minds together and test their reasoning and argumentative ability. It is always a heated event that brings a lot of students representing various schools together to debate on a particular topic and prove why their reason is superior to that of their opponent. But do you know how to win a school debate?

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Teachers and lecturers are not also excluded as they are present in most school debates to see their students battle it out and make their respective schools proud. School debates have long been in existence and are said to be a competitive event that brings students together to achieve a common goal and objective.


If you’ve ever been to a school debate, you will agree with me that it is a very competitive event. Not only are you representing your school, but you are also given a chance to show the stuff you’re made up of and make your school and sponsors proud. Who knows, you might as well major in a field where your debate prowess can come in handy.


However, if you are looking for how to win a school debate, you would have to take certain important factors into consideration. Your composure and preparation contribute greatly to helping you win a school debate, as well as many other factors.



Like every other important activity out there, winning a school debate involves a lot of preparation before the actual debate. Even if you haven’t ever actually participated in a school debate, following these preparatory steps will put you ahead of your competition and give you the necessary morale that you need to win a school debate.


  • Get To Know Your Topic

The first preparatory step to take in order to win a school debate is to get to know your topic. I would prefer that you take out time to muse over your topic, expanding different sides and angles that you can use to approach it, thereby giving you multiple options from which you can choose.


Get to know which side you are representing in a debate and take your topic in support of or against it. This will help streamline your search for the best possible practices you can use for your debate.


Proper preparation will give you an upper hand and make you feel comfortable taking on the debate as though you have been doing it for quite a long time now.


  • Prepare Your Counter Points

Being able to pick out your opponent’s strong points and prepare a counterpoint is the framework of every debate. While preparing for your school debate, you should explore various angles and options from which you can map your counter strategy and prepare your points well in advance for the win.


You should also rehearse your counterpoints adequately so that you know how and when to use any of them when called to give your points in favor of or against the motion or topic.


  • Know Your Statistics

Knowing your statistics for or against your school debate topic will help you greatly, especially since your strength will be to convince your panel of judges and the audience that you have the stronger points and you deserve the win.


Your debate topic will determine the statistics you should look out for that will support why you are for or against the topic. Stronger statistics for your topic can help you convince the panel and audience as to why you should be awarded the win for the school debate.


  • Know The Rules

You can’t participate in a school debate if you don’t know the rules and regulations guiding it. A debate functions on a set of rules established by a body (teachers or judges), and these rules need to be followed judiciously so that you wouldn’t be disqualified.


Know how much time is allocated to you per session, what terms to use and not to use, what manner of speech is accepted, and also what can disqualify you in the long run.

A school debate is very much technical as it is informative and educative, so you should give attention to the rules guiding it if want to win.



It can be very difficult for people who are new to debating to take on a role for or against a particular motion. This can be overwhelming at times, considering the fact that they would be addressing the audience as well.


Here are a few tips for debate beginners that can help them master the skill of debating and become very proficient in it:


  • Take Your Speech Slow And Steady

Let’s face it, it can be quite overwhelming standing in front of an audience while trying to drive your point home. It might even cause you to be uneasy on stage and feel wobbly.

judging a school debate

One certain way to regain your self-confidence during a school debate is to speak slowly and steadily. You don’t need to be in a hurry. Your audience, as well as the panel of judges, need to hear what you’re presenting and you wouldn’t want to appear unqualified or untrained.


  • Use Appropriate Body Language

In a debate, your audience tends to watch your body movements. They do not only listen to hear what you’re saying, but also how well you’re able to communicate via your body language. Your body language can sell your Aa and cause people to believe that your side of the debate is the best of both sides.

Use hand gestures when you need to lay emphasis on a specific point and make sure to drive your point home.


  • Appear Confident And Bold

Don’t be intimidated about what you’re seeing, and let it overwhelm you. Put on a cloth of confidence, even if you’re not sure you’re saying the right things! Appear bold while making your point and you will notice how much difference you will make when you do so.


Finally, If you want to know how to win a school debate, make sure you have sufficient knowledge of the debate topic or motion that will be presented to you. Your winning depends on how well you can embody the given topic and present it to be authentic.

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