How To Win A School Fight (9 Steps)

School is the place where lots of confused children are being sent to figure out themselves and life as a whole. Most times it is just straight-up plain chaos.🤷🏽‍♂️

is it not surprising to find lots of kids getting into fights while others ask how to win a fight?

As the loyal person that I am, I’ve taken the time to put together some important steps, as well as do’s and don’ts to follow if you ever want to win a fight at school.

how to win a school fight

Note: it is not advised to get into a fight at school or anywhere at all, but like a man once said “sometimes you have to fight to be a man or woman 🙃


How to win a school fight


1. Do not Provoke your opponent.

Of course, it is a fight but you don’t want it going too extreme quickly. vexing or provoking your opponent might make him/her lose it and go out of control, which might lead to them doing something bloody.

Let’s say for example it is a bully-related fight, you want to mess him/her up while looking cool and not provoke them to be unpredictably dangerous.


2. Don’t chicken out.

For you to ever have a chance at winning a school fight, you must learn to withstand one. (more like taking one for the team)

girls fighting

learn to stand your ground even when your opponent seems intimidating. The math is pretty simple; if act like a wimp and chicken out, they’ll assume you’re weak which is bad for business. (not cool right?)


3. Don’t be over-dramatic.

You’re not trying to prove you’re more physically dominant, rather you’re there to dominate. Don’t be an all-talk and no-show.

Standing in your group and defending yourself would give you more respect than talking in school.

That way, even when the school authorities arrive they’ll be soft with you cause you handle the situation calmly.


4. Don’t go hard, be gentle.

Always remember it is a school fight and you always want to keep everything at the bearest minimum. When you find yourself at an advantage, whether physically or psychologically, use it to defend and not attack.

If you go hard on your opponent, it may result in severe injuries and you don’t want that.


5. Don’t get involved in a school fight.

Yes I know, we’re talking about winning a fight and here I am saying don’t get in a fight.😅

The point here is to try to avoid school fights at all costs, as they’re not a good habit. But when it goes south, don’t hesitate to go beast-mode on them.


6. Try rationalizing with your opponent.

Chances are this whole fight could be avoided with a reasonable conversation. Try talking some sense into your opponent, telling him/her how it is not all worth it.

fighting in school

Now if he/she still refuses, you’re free to go fight-mode. At least now you can tell the school authorities you tried talking them out.


7. Whatever you do, defend yourself at all costs.

I keep emphasizing defending yourself because you don’t want to get hurt, as that won’t be cool. Do your best to defend yourself against those senseless punches.


8. Keep your cool after the fight.

There’s no point in throwing any tantrum after the fight as you’ll just make yourself look very unstable, and the authorities do not take that kinda thing likely.

After the fight, just keep your cool, and if you’re asked, just explain the whole thing with an open mind.


9. Ask for help if necessary.

Always weigh your odds and when you realize they’re against you, it cool to ask for help. Report to the guardians or parents for mental support.

So there you have it, next time you get into a fight at school just remember the above tips and you’re sure to come out victorious.

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